Nikolaos Raptis  a.k.a. QUELL
>  Ibadan Records – These Days Records – OfferingRecordings – Kolour Recordings

One could be very challenged and even confused looking at Quell’s output so far. Although a relatively young artist in terms of discography, the producer has already made it clear that he is very little concerned about sticking to one style of music or a certain scene of musicians. It is so rare these days to find individuals who have a bold approach towards dance music, pushing genre defying DJ-ing and general diversity, not only in the studio but also in life.
Ranging from mid tempo deep house and afro-beat house/techno, to straight up Chicago/SF jackin’ house, he has worked with labels such as Ibadan, These Days, Boddhi Satva’s Offering Recordings, Kolour Recordings and Blockhead Recordings to name but a few.
Quell’s music is an amalgamation of images, sounds and nostalgia that derive from his perception of a universal “club sound”. Coming from an indie pop/rock background and having lived in London for a long time, since the tender age of 17, he was able to witness the flourishing worldwide dance movement of the late 90s and allowed himself to be exposed to a multinational musical collage that would later influence his art immensely.
Quell is a DJ’s DJ. The words that would accurately describe his DJ performances are diversity, versatility and dance-floor perception. To quote the artist “…I’ll play almost anything I feel like given the right moment on the right dance-floor. House, Techno, Pop, Disco… I am generally against just filling up a bag with the latest batch of released records from the local record stores and going out to play wearing an imaginary blindfold…”
If there’s one thing for certain, it is that as far as talent and promise go, Quell has plenty of both, and it won’t be long before he becomes one of dance music’s household names.

In the coming months there is a lot happening for Quell release-wise: An original Quell EP (‘Vocation’) on Tsuba is scheduled for April and under the name ‘JSQ Project’, a collaboration EP by Quell and Jerome Sydenham will be released on Ibadan Records in spring 2012. Besides that, Quell Remixes for Moony Me on These Days Records and for Andrade on Back and Forth Recordings are coming up in early spring. And finally, there’s Quell’s first LP on Ibadan Records planned for late summer.

Ricordiamo che l’ingresso all’intera area è completamente gratuito.

lumen castello arechi dj quell

Quell – Do The Hip Swing – Kaufe Musik 2007
Quell – Baby Gaps – Pesto Music 2008
Quell – Boompty with Ross – Kaufe Musik 2008
Quell – White Socks – Siteholder Records
Quell – Quell EP – Shak Digital
Quell – Wonderland EP – Shak Digital 2009
Quell – Pop Sensibilities EP – Kolour Recordings 2009
Quell – Freaky Like Jojo EP – Phobic Recordings 2010
Quell – Quell’s Kitchen EP – Kolour Recordings 2010
Quell – Son Of The Architect EP – Yerba Buena Discos 2010
Quell – Anybody Got A Body (Original Mix) – 8Bit Records 2011
Quell – Anybody Got A Body (Stabs Mix) – 8Bit Records 2011
Quell – Direk – 8Bit Records 2011
Quell – Perception EP – These Days Records 2011
Quell – Alsos EP – Ibadan Records 2011
Quell – Real People – Claap 2011

Der Schmeisser – Kassel Von Hinten (Quell Remix) – Kaufe Musik 2007
Hanna ft. Ajazmir – Sometimes (Quell Loves You Sometimes Remix)
Sunset Stylerz – 2Day (Quell’s 2-Step Remix) – Shak Digital 2009
Bang Bang – Thursday Comes (Quell Friday Dub) – Kolour Recordings 2009
Bang Bang – Victor’s Sin (Quell Remix) – Blockhead Recordings 2009
Magnus Wedberg – Brooklyn (Quell Remix) – Blockhead Recordings 2009
Magnus Wedberg – Brooklyn (Quell No Restraints Dub) – Blockhead Recordings 2009
B. Original ft. J.A.M.O.N. – Push (Quell Remix) – Pin Up Recordings 2010
Peckos – Mail From Nowhere (Quell’s Winter Shower Dub) – Headtunes Recordings 2011

> 20 May Castello Arechi, Salerno
10 May Badeschiff, Berlin
20 Apr Tresor, Berlin
14 Apr Back to Basics, Leeds
30 Mar The Egg, London
29 Mar Cookies, Berlin
16 Mar South, Manchester
10 Mar Arena, Berlin
08 Feb Farbfernseher,Berlin
06 Jan The T Room Sessions, Berlin
31 Dec Club der Engel, St. Gallen
23 Dec Suicide Circus, Berlin
21 Dec Tresor, Berlin
20 Oct Cookies, Berlin
13 Oct Mode Bar, Kozani
12 Oct The Real RockNRolla, Thessaloniki
23 Sept The T Room Sessions, Berlin
23 Sept KTV, Berlin
22 Sept August II, Berlin
Programma musicale completo:

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ale > 3406231066
doddo > 3281686145


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